Miches De La Baja

Miches de la Baja kind of reminds us of some early 2000s beach bar in Huntington Beach that sells brick-sized burritos and plays surf rock on repeat. Burritos actually are on the menu, but we prefer their crispy fish chicharrones with fries and tons of fresh parsley sprinkled on top. When it comes to their excellent micheladas, you can either go sweet or savory here. The Torrance spot serves a beer-heavy, salty michelada with a thick chamoy and tajin rim that leaves us puckering with each sip. Their mix acts as a peppery base with some heat and pairs great with its cucumber and pickle toppings. Go for the sweeter side of things with the Chamoy Piña that includes a spicy, syrup-coated pineapple wedge and tamarind stick that can double as a straw too.

Food Rundown

Fish Chicharrones

These pieces of white fish are super flakey and coated in a light, crispy beer batter. The whole thing gets dumped on some salty fries before receiving a sprinkling of fresh parsley and a much-needed spritz of lemon. It’s all exactly as good as it sounds.


Some micheladas are more refreshing than others, but this beer-heavy miche is ideal for bringing us back to life. It’s salty and peppery (probably from some Tabasco) and pairs great with the light beer and briny Clamato.

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