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Met Him At A Bar

The brother (or boyfriend?) of Mid-Wilshire cafe Met Her At A Bar, the new Met Him At A Bar does lunch and dinner in a bright space that immediately conjures up the Amalfi Coast. So, yes, that means plenty of ceramic tiles on the walls, and yes, that means a menu made to be eaten whilst luxuriating, preferably post-aperitivo. We like the small bites best, like the arancini and the prosciutto and burrata board, but a couple of the pastas - the paccheri in a slightly spicy vodka sauce and the carbonara with crispy pancetta - aren’t far behind. Other dishes fall into the dreaded “just fine” category, including an underwhelming Caesar salad and a too-busy tuna sandwich. But if you’re looking to take a quick mental vacation over a pretty solid bowl of pasta, Met Him At A Bar is definitely worth a try. And it’s cheaper than a flight to Italy.