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Mensch Cafe And Bakery

Fairfax can be a lot, and sometimes you need a little moment to yourself with a coffee and your thoughts. Mensch Café and Bakery is exactly that kind of refuge where you’ll find a delicious combination of French/Kosher baked goods like flakey croissants with lox and schmear or the glossiest selection of challah you’ll find in town. This place also serves a wonderful shakshuka with a side of that very challah. The sauce comes out a dark crimson red with a subtle smokiness and acidic kick to it while the eggs are wedged between plenty of onions, bell peppers, and a very healthy serving of fresh parsley to bring some peppery freshness. You can add feta if you’re looking for something a little more savory, or simply enjoy it as is with a side of olives and Israeli salad.

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