On paper, the concept of Matū is sort of absurd. This dimly-lit spot in Beverly Hills specializes in a five-course prix-fixe menu consisting of various premium wagyu beef dishes. It's an indulgence of the highest variety, and yet, when we actually dined there, we were taken aback at how toned-down and sensible the whole experience felt. For starters, the prix-fixe menu is $78. Sure, that’s a lot of money and no one should be mistaking Matū for a casual Tuesday night dinner spot, but to be eating five courses of premium meat on S. Beverly Blvd. for under $100 is a good value. Secondly, the food is excellent and coursed out in a way that doesn’t feel like a grotesque meat parade. You’ll sip clear earthy beef broth, sample thinly-sliced pieces of NY strip steak, and finish with a wood-fired ribeye and perfectly-cooked broccolini. Matū is the kind of place where celebrating something feels euphoric—whether it’s a promotion, anniversary, or simply surviving the previous month—without having to constantly check the prices. 

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