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Ho-hum. Another crowded, decent restaurant in West Hollywood. Amazing how in a neighborhood so notorious for high restaurant turnover rates, such a plethora of wildly mediocre ones reign supreme.

Let’s talk about what works first. The space at Marix is actually very nice. You’re never quite sure if you’re sitting indoors or outdoors, and that’s appealing. The service is extremely diligent, particularly given how difficult (read: drunk) a crowd they deal with on a daily basis. Oh, and those famously strong margaritas? Pretty damn good on a Saturday afternoon. But unfortunately, that’s where the good times end.

As much as we want the food to be great here, it’s just not. You’ll see “Tex-Mex” plastered all over their signage but we have a hunch that’s just because they wanted to sound different. The menu reads like a catered college graduation party in Cheviot Hills. Fajitas, burritos, tacos, and every other type of Mexican food Aunt Carol from Toledo will recognize. Even jalapeno poppers join the party for those still clinging to their undergrad taste palettes.

The vibe at Marix teeters uneasily between laid-back neighborhood oasis and a Bryan Singer after party. Which is fine for Marix, because however run-of-the-mill the menu is, the neighborhood absolutely adores this place. And that’s certainly no easy task.

At Marix, food is an afterthought but come for the margaritas and the atmosphere and we can’t help assume you’ll be walking out happy. Everybody else seems to be.

Food Rundown

Shrimp Diablo

Probably one of the stronger items on the menu, it’s a nice little Mexican stir-fry with peppers in a spicy chipotle chile sauce.

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Chile Relleno

It’s hard to screw up cheese stuffed into a pepper, but Marix puts way, way, way too much breading on the outside of it. It’s like a little skin cocoon but with no butterfly on the inside.

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Shrimp Fajitas

We certainly can’t say it’s bad, but if you’ve ever made fajitas for yourself at home before, you’ve had this dish.

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Puff Tacos

The newest addition to the menu is certainly the best attempt at validating the “Tex-Mex” signage out front, and it’s actually fairly tasty, too. Unfortunately, it still pales in comparison to the more authentic versions around town.

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