With locations in Downey and Pico-Rivera, Mariscos Choix is our go-to spot for Sinaloa-style mariscos. Known for its aguachiles, meaty scallops, and Asian influences, Sinaloa has a strong seafood tradition that is unique from other Mexican regions. Our personal favorite here is their massive tostada de callo de hacha, also known as fresh scallop ceviche. This dish is a full-body detox disguised as a seafood feast, and while the scallops are silky smooth, the chiltepin packs a serious punch that always has us sweating, mouth breathing, and craving more all at once. And if that’s not enough, Mariscos Choix prepares a separate chiltepin salsa on the side that’s also seriously addicting and goes excellent on fresh scallops.

Food Rundown

Tostada de Callo de Hacha

This scallop tostada is refreshing, with plenty of lime juice, buttery smooth scallops, chopped cucumbers, and red onion slices. However, the chitepín pepper sprinkled on top packs a serious kick that may or may not make your eyes water (in a good way).


Besides being one of the biggest aguachiles we’ve come across in LA, the dish’s butterflied raw shrimp has a slight chewiness to it after being lightly cured in the citrusy salsa verde marinade. The sauce also has a wonderful sourness that balances out its serrano chile heat. Get this to share with whoever is lucky enough to join you here.

Tacos de Gobernador

These griddled tacos are addictively good with their sweet-spicy chipotle salsa, oozing melted cheese, and shrimp filling. They’re very decadent and the crispy corn tortilla creates just the right amount of crunch as it holds all the cheese and shrimp inside. You can also add carne asada to these, but we think the shrimp really holds its own here.

Coctel de Camaron

The stock in this big shrimp coctel has a strong vegetable flavor that compliments the shellfish, cucumber, onion, and slices of creamy avocado. Overall, this coctel has a good amount of tang and acidity, with the chiltepín topping throwing an unexpected punch of heat.

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