Here’s the thing about Manzke—at $225 per person with an optional $165 wine pairing, it’s one of the most expensive dining experiences in LA. That said, if those prices are palatable to you, this prix-fixe spot in Beverlywood is a place to prioritize. Run by the people behind Republique and Bicyclette (it’s located above the latter), a meal in the intimate, bi-level dining room is the kind of space that transforms you into a noble dignitary who should be feared. Conversations are in hushed whispers and tables are spaced so far apart from one another, you’ll probably forget other people are eating there too. Is the energy a bit dull at times? Sure, but the food is excellent. The 11-course experience features dishes ranging from a tuna tostada and Thai crab curry to white asparagus with caviar and beurre blanc. There’s a lot of ground covered, but just about everything hits. Plus, there’s a guy who’ll come to your table with a foot-tall tower of butter. Extravagance has its price. 

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