Mandarin Coffee Stand

The quiet Pasadena corridor Mandarin Coffee lives in has a certain charm—European flags hang from the second floor and flap in the wind, there's a bright-red phone booth next to the tables, and wrought-iron chandeliers collect dust above. In other words, if you're looking for a coffee experience outside the typical, crowded mill that borderline feels like a WeWork, this quirky cafe is right for you. A majority of the seating is outdoors in a cool, hushed hallway, where you'll sit next to kimono shops and vintage barbers (an ideal setting for anyone who, for whatever reason, needs almost complete silence to do anything on a laptop). And the coffee here is worth the trip alone. Try the Gua Hua latte, a creamy espresso drink infused with sweet olive honey and cardamom bitters, with a dash of oat milk. 

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