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Growing up, you were always very aware of the houses that had good snacks. Maybe it was your own house, maybe it was bff Christina's one block over, or maybe it was your weird aunt’s house who wasn’t actually your aunt, but a woman your mom worked with who showered with her pet birds. Either way, that pantry was endless and whenever you were in its vicinity (particularly when your parents told you not to), you would wreak havoc upon its contents.

M-Con, the Taiwanese-ish cafe in Beverly Grove, feels like the forbidden snack pantry of your youth. Except in place of gushers, combos, and room temperature cans of Brisk are turnip fries, baby back ribs, and fried chicken sandwiches. Upgrade? Most definitely.

Located at the bottom of a very unattractive office building at the corner of Beverly and La Cienega, M-Con isn’t exactly going catch your eye driving by it. Nor does its name (short for “modern convenience”) really paint a strong picture of what’s going on here. Yes, the well-designed interior is photogenic, and the efficient order-at-the-counter service is convenient. But that’s not why you’re at M-Con. You’re at M-Con because you’re getting involved with their downright delicious and very affordable Taiwanese-fusion street food.

Holly Liss

With a menu that could lead you in a few different directions, your first order of business is anything with a scallion bun. Baked in-house every day, these are tremendous and make every single sandwich on the menu worth ordering (though the rib meat stuffed Chino-Latino is a definite standout). There are also pork belly rice bowls and spicy chicken tenders, and for the most part, you’re going to like everything. This is easy, on-the-go Asian comfort food for those days you don’t give a f*ck about caloric intake. It’s open from 11am to 9pm every day except Sunday, so whether you’re crying on your lunch hour or just flicked off an elderly woman at rush hour and need a decompression chamber, M-Con is here for you.

Just like those snack-filled houses from childhood, we need to keep quality comfort food spots on a short leash well into adulthood. If you're in or around Beverly Grove, M-Con is your spot. And you don't have to listen to Ruth-Anne's parakeet shower stories to enjoy it.

Food Rundown


This is our favorite thing on the menu. The scallion bun is one thing, but the fried rib meat and bacon topped with mustard greens, swiss, and dijon aioli inside is a whole other.

Holly Liss
Turnip Cake Fries

If you don’t order at least two orders of these for the table, you’re doing things wrong. They’re delicious and very addicting and whatever that sauce is that they come with can be put on anything.

Holly Liss
Night Market Fried Chicken

This town doesn’t need another fried chicken sandwich. So thankfully, this oddly doesn’t feel like one. The chicken itself tastes more seasoned than it does aggressively deep-fried and the pickled mustard greens and cilantro give it some bitterness. It's great.

Holly Liss
Baby Back Ribs

Are these the best baby back ribs you’ve ever had? No. But they’re also only $6, easily shareable, and will be gone in 20 seconds.

Holly Liss
Lemon Ginger Chicken Bowl

According to us, this appears to be the healthiest thing on the menu. And while it’s a solid bowl of chicken and rice and other fun things, you’re not here for this. There are much better things to be eaten.

Holly Liss
Five-Spice Brisket

This is one of those sandwiches that gets better as you eat it. The first bites seem a little boring, but then once you make your way to the center and all the greens and aiolis mix together, you’re all in.

Holly Liss
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