Grandmaster Recorders

Sometimes, an excessive dinner is in order. Maybe you’ve got friends visiting from out of town who are looking to have “a night,” or maybe it’s Friday and you want to drink martinis, talk over each other,  and order a few interesting dishes. Grandmaster Recorders from the E.P. & L.P. people is a great option on Cahuenga in Hollywood. This Australian-ish spot borrows from the space’s history (it was once the recording studio by the same name where Stevie Wonder, Bowie, and the Chili Peppers made the magic happen), so music and food carry equal weight. The dishes range from good to very tasty and many are a bit over the top—caviar cannolis and wagyu pappardelle are available, but it’s the grilled scampi and basil handroll that we’d order again and again. Dinner here is not cheap (with drinks, you’ll likely be paying well over $100 per person). But if you’re looking to kick off an open-ended evening, start here. You can seamlessly continue the night at their adjacent disco bar, or upstairs at the rooftop bar.

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