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2128 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles
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Don’t shoot the messenger, but Los Feliz can be a tricky place to eat. Sure, the cafe culture is strong and if the time is right for an iced coffee, you’re in fantastic hands. It’s a charming little neighborhood that feels stuck in the 1950s— people still peruse bookstores, watch movies at “the cinema,” and have a hard time deciding which late-night diner to go to. But at the end of the day, Los Feliz still needs a neighborhood restaurant that everybody craves. And that restaurant is Little Dom’s.

On the north end of Hillhurst, this retro Italian restaurant embodies this nostalgic-obsessed neighborhood better than its residents probably even realize. For starters, let’s all remind ourselves Little Dom’s hasn’t actually been around all that long. The brick facade and wood-paneled interior has you thinking this place pre-dates New Jersey but, in fact, it opened in 2007. And that’s by design. Little Dom’s rat-pack vibe is casual enough for you to show up in your Keds on a Sunday morning and romantic enough to play host to a perfect dinner date. All of this registers well with the trend-seeking, gainfully employed adults in the area.

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Is the Italian food here amazing? No. Will their chicken parmesan blow your mind, or cacio e pepe make you question everything in the world? Again, not really. To be honest, Little Dom’s is kind of phoning it in at this point—pizzas arrive in under 10 minutes with the cheese all but sliding off; an arugula salad is nice but could be made at home for much cheaper. But that’s not the point at Little Dom’s. Over the years, brunch has become the real breadwinner here, but even at dinner, things are still cheesy and fun. Get a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and coax your partner into recreating Lady & The Tramp with you (we finally succeeded the last time we ate here, much to the shock and horror of all of Hillhurst Ave). Enjoy a single scoop of gelato at the meal’s end and wonder aloud if that guy in the baseball cap is actually Jon Hamm.

Because even if it’s a touch put-on, the appeal of Little Dom’s is undeniable. You can make Little Dom’s into whatever you want it to be, and that’s exactly what Los Feliz needs.

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Food Rundown

Little Dom’s review image

Pizza with Sunnyside Up Egg

Eggs on pizza have long been a staple of the gas station hot bar scene, but at Little Dom’s we finally get the version we deserve. With paper thin crust and plenty of mozzarella to go around, it’s gooey and decadent but somehow not all that heavy. It comes with one egg on top but you’re obviously asking for two. Breakfast menu only.

Little Dom’s review image

Ricotta Cheese and Blueberry Pancakes

Another Little Dom’s breakfast staple, this is a case study into why sweet and savory will always be a thing. And butter. Can’t forget about the butter.

Little Dom’s review image

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Even a college student knows it’s impossible to mess up this dish, so it’s no surprise—we love Little Dom’s spaghetti and meatballs. There’s nothing flashy going on here, just some al dente pasta paired with meatballs the size of a magic eight ball and a giant mountain of cheese. In a perfect world, we’d come here wearing black cat-eye sunglasses, order just this dish, and feel like the coolest person in the world.

Little Dom’s review image

Rice Balls

Legend status. These little babies are some of the best things on the menu and you can thank the sensible dollop of provolone and mozzarella waiting on the inside for that. You’re going to want to order multiples of these, but try to resist. They are as dense as a muddy softball and there’s still plenty of good food to come.

Little Dom’s review image

Grilled Hangar Steak

Tucked down at the bottom of the menu, this isn’t gonna jump off the menu at you but you should still order it. When has red meat at an old-school Italian joint ever been a bad choice?

Hot Soppresata & Provolone Panino

The taste of this bad guy is certainly what you want it to be, we only wish there was a bit more to it. They nail the necessary crunch one expects from a grilled sandwich, but the inside remains a tad thin.

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