LALA'S Argentine Grill

With three locations across town, LALA’s is one of the better-known Argentinian restaurants in LA and the kind of place where cheese and pasta are deemed appropriate starters to a hefty steak dinner. We particularly love the provoleta – the bubbling skillet of melted provolone cheese that’s seasoned with oregano and pico de gallo. Besides being a gooey vat of cheese that we want to shamelessly ladle over everything, it isn’t overwhelmingly heavy with the herbal sweetness from the oregano and needed acid from the salsa. If you’d rather start and end your meal with meat, go for the smoky morcilla (blood sausage) to start; it has a wonderfully salty, almost metallic aftertaste that’s unique in the best way. The tabla de carnes is definitely the move for the table and comes out to just enough meat for two to three people. This spread includes tender skirt steak, filet mignon, and New York strip, all of which come out nicely medium rare with your choice of sides.

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