Hollywood’s La Numero Uno is a vibrantly decorated cantina that serves a mixed Mexican and Salvadoran menu (as well as a few hybrid dishes for all the masa-lovers out there) - like their squash blossom and cheese pupusa, which is a Salvadoran twist on a common Mexican quesadilla filling. The squash blossom adds great texture and a subtle floral sweetness to the pupusa’s dough. If you’re familiar with the gordita, a.k.a the pupusa’s Mexican counterpart, make sure to try the spicy chicken gordita-pupusa too. This traditional cornmeal pupusa gets filled with jack cheese and shredded chipotle chicken before getting garnished with standard Mexican toppings like crema, lettuce, tomato, and salsa. Whether you call it Salvadoran or Mexican, we can all agree that both countries know a thing or two about masa, cheese, and all the things that make our world delicious.

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