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La Chuperia

Mexican in Downtown LA

    Perfect for
  • Casual Weeknight Dinner
  • Day Drinking
  • Drinking Good Cocktails
  • Late Night Eats

With three locations scattered across town, La Chuperia is known for making some of the spiciest, saltiest, and biggest micheladas in LA. Some of their drinks are borderline meals with various snacks dangling from the rim, like the massive Chuper Michelada. It comes in a goblet that’s dripping in chamoy syrup before it gets filled with smoky Clamato juice and your choice of beer. We should mention that the beer isn’t actually poured into the drink, but rather the bottle’s dunked upside down into your glass, where it sits submerged like a capsized vessel. You’ll also be able to snack on peeled shrimp, some cucumber slices, a spicy tamarind stick, and even lick the chamoy off the rim if you’re into that. Other than being extra, these micheladas are delicious and have a refreshing vegetable flavor from the tomato juice that doesn’t get overpowered by everything else going on.