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Knuckle & Claw

This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

Food trends in Los Angeles occur about as often as Adam Sandler makes a movie nobody cares about, and right now, it's the lobster roll. Considering we're on the opposite side of the USA from lobster roll country, it's taken some time for the trend to reach top speed.

Lobster rolls have popped up on menus across town for a while, but with Cousins in West Hollywood and Silver Lake's Knuckle & Claw, we've entered the era of full-blown lobster restaurants. Given the quality of the lobster, plus the fact that there are three other kinds of seafood rolls also worth ordering, we're giving Knuckle & Claw the top seed in the lobster roll bracket.

We've always felt that the best lobster rolls are simple. Give us a bun, some fresh lobster and a Van Gogh paint-brushing of butter and send us on our merry way. And luckily for LA, Knuckle & Claw appears to have made this their philosophy.

Located right off Sunset, Knuckle & Claw has a New England vibe, and right on the surface, appears to be set up for success. Good, trendy food smack in the middle of an area inhabited by people who love good, trendy food? Check.

The crustaceans are flown in daily from the motherland and they taste like it. The menu is tight, but with lobster, dungeness, shrimp, and blue crab varieties all for the taking who is really complaining? Get the “mini” version of each, allowing you to force as much of the menu down your throat as possible in one sitting. Is it a bit pricier than you want it to be? Sure. With a three roll sampling, you’re looking at about $28 in damage. But with seafood that's this good (not to mention its cross-country commute), it all comes with the territory.

Los Angeles will never be coastal Maine, but with Knuckle & Claw we couldn’t imagine a better start to a trend.

Food Rundown

Maine Lobster

The obvious star. It’s why you come to Knuckle & Claw and why you leave raving about it.Just make sure you give all the other versions a fair shot too.

Dungeness Crab

Is this actually the best roll here? Are we losing our minds? WE DON’T KNOW. All we do know is there is something special about this roll that gives the lobster roll a major run for its money.

Maine Shrimp

Los Angelenos love their shrimp more than anything so expect this to quickly become a fan favorite.

Bacon Clam Chowda

Admittedly not the best thing for a sweltering summer day in Silver Lake, but this is a must-have item. (If you have any room left).

Ice Cream Bar

What’s a day at the shore without of these guys to cool everything down?

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