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Knead & Co.

Pasta in Downtown LA


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When the chef who used to work at Union - one of the best pasta spots in the city - opens a red sauce Italian stand in Grand Central Market, it’s OK to get your hopes up. And Knead delivers on the promise of very good handmade pasta. Our favorite is the fantastically garlicky aglio olio, with high-quality olive oil covering every square inch of the al dente lasagnette noodles. The spaghetti and meatballs are good, too - the rich, flavorful meatballs are the main event, though we appreciate the bits of short rib in the red sauce, too. Whatever you do, don’t skip the garlic bread - you’ll need it to soak up whatever sauce is left on your plate. All that being said, you can skip the sandwiches - they just don’t live up to the pasta.

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