Kenbey Sushi

Kenbey is officially our favorite sushi restaurant in Silver Lake. Not that there’s much competition (sorry Gelson’s), but it’s not just the location—Kenbey would shine in any neighborhood. It’s the perfect balance of fancy, high-end sushi (think gorgeous omakases filled with silky toro and seared Wagyu beef) and the fun, casual dishes you always want to order, but get worried you’ll look like a novice. Green shishito peppers are roasted within an inch of their life, yellowtail sashimi comes jalapeno-flavored, and puffy rice squares are loaded with fresh tuna. Tables and bar seats are filled with couples on dates and rowdy groups drinking sake, where friends and their significant others sit on opposite sides as if they’re about to play dodgeball. It’s a fun time and you’ll eat impeccably made sushi—the kind of place the Eastside desperately needs.