For any Asian American that grew up in the SGV (or those of us who grew up taking regular pilgrimages to the 626), JJ Bakery evokes memories of comforting sights, sounds, and smells with an abundance of freshly baked bread lining the shelves and the familiar mix of Chinese and English. Long before 85° landed on this side of the Pacific, JJ Bakery was serving a plethora of Taiwanese bakery classics - a combination of Chinese and Japanese-influenced sweet and savory single-portion breads. In addition to those, they also have a selection of cookies (more like crisp European biscuits than the chewier American versions), as well as fluffy sponge cakes that come in various flavors, forms, and colors (think everything from Swiss roll by the slice to ones shaped like a slice of watermelon). Cakes are sold whole and by the slice, each decorated with an abundance of fruits and chocolate, and are staples at any Asian American celebration. While the franchise locations vary, many also serve traditional Taiwanese breakfasts, pastries, and bentos too.

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