There are already enough secrets in the world: Secret bars, secret plots to steal the Declaration of Independence, secret machinations by your roommate to kick you off the lease (probably). But we’re telling you to make room for one more - Jeff’s Table, the sorta-but-not-really secret deli in Highland Park (they’re in the back of Flask, a package store that’s great in its own right). Their sandwiches are all totally one-of-a-kind, and all worthy of attention. The Dirty Baby is a turkey melt in name, but in reality it’s a beautiful mess of chopped turkey, melted toma and smoked cheddar, crispy shallots, and pickled onions on buttered and grilled challah. We also love the Jeff’s Special - a pastrami Reuben with melted comte and a mass of grilled Piave cheese that’s like the best parmesan crisp ever. If that all sounds a bit too heavy, get the Yuzu Kosho Turkey, a simple cold sandwich with avocado and arugula, and be sure to add a side of the snap peas, which are tossed in everything seasoning. And get there early - sometimes they sell out before their 3pm closing time.

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