Sack Sandwiches

Perfect For: Cheap Eats Lunch Quick Eats Serious Take-Out Operation

Sack Sandwiches

Perfect For: Cheap Eats Lunch Quick Eats Serious Take-Out Operation

Endure the wait and you shall be rewarded.

And you will wait at ink.sack. For a while. Don’t get excited because there are only three people in front of you - it’s fools gold. Every office within a one-mile radius has ordered in 400 sandwiches for lunch and that person in front of you is their Emerson intern on the verge of a mental collapse. But if you can handle waiting 25 minutes for a sandwich, you have earned the right to taste what ink.sack is about. Cheap, four-inch sandwiches crafted by one of the top chefs in the city.

Located next door to its big brother ink., ink.sack is an economically accessible lunch spot for a part of town whose previous options were basically a Trader Joe’s and a Starbucks. And by economical we mean you can get one of the better sandwiches in town for about $6. Sure, four inches doesn’t sound like a lot, but it's how they use it that counts. (Thank you. We’re here all day). ink.sack packs those babies full of every needed midday nutrition they can find for you. And if you feel like being a true American and ordering two (our recommendation), you’ll still walk out of there having spent somewhere around $12 for a complete meal. That beaten and bruised bank account of yours approves.

The resulting sandwiches are big time, imaginative concoctions - everything from cold fried chicken to vegetarian banh mi exist on this menu, and they're all good.

You will get frustrated waiting a half hour for your turkey reuben, but don’t take it out on them. They are doing their best. Take it out on a city that has underserved its lunch crowd for far too long. ink.sack has done its part. Your move now Los Angeles.

Food Rundown

Cold Fried Chicken

Admittedly, those three words aren’t the most enticing thing you’ll read today but don’t let that deter you. House-made ranch and crispy chicken with a massive hidden kick makes this one of the best things on the menu. Also, its $5.

Banh Mi

This is a banh mi taken to the next level with pork shoulder, bacon, and homemade onion sauce. Yes please.

The Jose Andres or “Spanish Godfather”

Named after LA’s favorite chef/mad scientist, this is ink.sack’s signature sandwich and for good reason. Spanish ham, chorizo, and manchego come together in this sloppy masterpiece.

Veggie Banh Mi

The vegetarian version of the classic, served with BBQ tofu instead. Some meat eaters even agree it's better than the original, and they just might be right.

Turkey Reuben

At this point, you should expect the turkey to be top notch and it is. But there is something so dangerous and so delicious about that Russian dressing, you lose track of anything else.


Simple and to the point. But when high-end ingredients come together like this, the difference is apparent.

Chorizo Egg And Cheese

Sweet breakfast gods, we surrender. Nobody gives this sandwich the acclaim it deserves AND WE ARE GOING TO CHANGE THAT NOW PEOPLE.

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