Hot Tacos

Despite LA’s profoundly vast taco scene, tracking down a great migas taco can be surprisingly challenging. Yes, places like HomeState have been selling them for years, but the fact is this egg and tortilla Tex-Mex dish is still an underrated commodity here. I suspect that’s going to change with the arrival of Hot Tacos. The new taco truck at The Line in Ktown (it’s located in the front valet area) is from the same team behind Austin’s Veracruz All-Natural, one of the most revered taco trucks in Texas and home to the single greatest breakfast taco I’ve ever eaten. Is the migas at Hot Tacos as good as the one in Austin? Probably not, but it comes damn close and is already the best version you can get in LA. Plus, there are plenty of other highlights on the menu, like the citrusy cochinita pibil taco on a crispy grilled corn tortilla and a salty, perfectly-cheesy quesadilla filled with marinated steak that’s been grilled on the plancha. Right now, lines are still very reasonable, but if Hot Tacos becomes anything like its famous Austin sibling, that’s not going to last very long. Plan accordingly.

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