From giant rounds of focaccia studded with rosemary to bacon-wrapped pâté and bright pink beet and cannellini dip - eating a meal from Happy Mediums is like attending a picnic put on by your closest friends. That is, if your friends were, like, really good at cooking, that is. Run by partners Bonnie Hernandez and Shea Montanez, this new, cute pop-up drops a menu of deli-style offerings each week, including plant-based cherry ice cream, butternut squash soup, and grilled achiote chicken thighs covered in a charred pasilla sauce. Although the offerings seem relatively simple - they’re the kinds of shareable, finger foods you’d want spread out on a blanket at the park or on the beach - from the rich, salty pork sugo to a super cauliflower soup that’s heavily scented with dill, everything here is made with extreme care and perfect for almost any occasion. Even if that occasion is just finally finishing The Sopranos on HBO. Let’s talk about that ending? DM us.

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