For a truly unique dining experience, head to Hansei at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in Little Tokyo. Dinner here begins with a tour of the property’s lush gardens followed by shochu-infused drinks and “LA Nikkei” small bites, a nod to the chef’s LA upbringing as a fourth-generation Japanese American. Eventually, you’ll move to an interior "chef's counter" for the main courses—like beautifully marbled wagyu steak in teriyaki and a play on the California roll that includes fried seaweed topped with crab, uni, cucumbers, and avocado. From there, you'll head to the garden for dessert. There are a lot of moving pieces, no doubt, but you can set your own pace. We suggest hanging in the garden to watch the sunset or sipping green tea long after dessert is served. It’s certainly pricey—the nine-course menu runs $175 per person (before tax and tip)—but for a splurge-y dinner that’s unlike anything else in LA, this is a table worth snagging.

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