Hamburguesas Uruapan

Hamburguesas Uruapan, a burger outfit with a food truck in Compton and a brick-and-mortar in Anaheim, proclaims itself the “House of the Original Mexican Burger.” And we have to admit, their Michoacan-inspired burgers are pretty unique, more similar to a souped-up torta cubana than anything you’d find at a smashburger spot. A thin, griddle-seared patty is stacked with two kinds of cheese (American and queso Oaxaca), ham, bacon, a split hot dog, tomato, lettuce, onion, lettuce, jalapeno, avocado (*pause for deep breath*), ketchup, mustard, salsa roja, and grilled pineapple. Somehow it all works—saucy, spicy-sweet, and savory, this beast was polished off quicker than we’d like to admit. Don’t be shocked when this concept goes national.

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