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Habayit is mainly known for two things: being one of, if not the only, kosher restaurant west of the 405 and frying up a very good falafel. They’re enough to put this Mar Vista spot on our radar, as well as their tasty matzo ball soup, but don’t miss out on the great breakfast shakshuka. The tomato sauce here is on the chunkier side, which we certainly don’t mind. We love letting the yolk run all over before scooping everything up with some warm pita bread. And if you’re into the idea of some hamshuka, the dish’s side of hummus helps you DIY some on a whim. Habayit’s take on the dish is tangy and tart from the tomatoes, with a bit of freshness from the sauce’s onions and bell peppers, plus it has a nice kick. It’s also a great size for ordering an extra side of falafel too.

Food Rundown

Falafel Plate

A solid option for a midday falafel break, but we’d be fine ordering a side of these with some dips or shakshuka instead. The golden brown falafel is extra crispy and very garlicky, but the tahini and Israeli salad it comes with are pretty boring. However, the hummus is delicious and perfect for dipping, with tons of nutty sesame and smoky paprika flavor coming through.


We’re big fans of Hayabit’s babaganoush and it’s the first thing we get every time we stop by. The meaty roasted eggplant is balanced out with lots of lemon juice and peppery olive oil, and goes great with that side of falafel.

Matzo Ball Soup

This matzo ball soup has all of the salty, aromatic qualities of a hearty chicken soup without too much rendered fat floating around on the surface. The broth is light, super fragrant from the copious amount of fresh dill, and the massive matzo ball is nicely firm without being too dense.


Tomato reigns supreme in this chunky shakshuka. It’s nicely tart, with a hint of heat from plenty of paprika and garlic. The eggs aren’t front and center here, but instead, they’re submerged in the sauce almost like yolk-filled dumplings.

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