Freedman’s, the popular Jewish comfort food spot in Silver Lake, recently announced they’d finally be reopening - but with a twist. Instead of reubens and latkes, the summer menu is all Greek food and there’s a new white and blue-painted front patio adorned with wood floors and a lot of fake leaves. Say hello to Greekman’s, one of this summer’s most exciting restaurant pivots. The menu is filled with solid dishes like crispy zucchini chips, smoked cauliflower and labne, and correctly advertised “very lemony” potatoes. If you’re with a group, we like the “souvlaki party,” which comes with five different skewers, buttery pita bread, hummus, and tzatziki all for only $38. Our favorite aspect of Greekman’s, however, is simply how much of a party it is. You’ll spot groups of friends drinking white Negronis like it’s a competition and dates ordering another bottle of orange wine simply because they’re not ready to leave yet.

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