In any other town, the phrase “massive grocery store on the ground floor of a shopping mall” might have been a turn off, but that’s just a testament to Galleria Market’s success. One of LA’s largest Korean markets, their Olympic Blvd. outpost carries an exceptional variety of fresh seafood, marinated meats, and pre-made banchan, such as gamja bokkeum (sweet, soy-glazed potatoes) and sigeumchi namul (marinated spinach). The produce section here is always stocked with traditional Korean vegetables and seasonal fruits, and their hot foods bar is among the best in town. The lines do tend to get long, but who cares? Parking’s free for up to three hours.

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22 Grocery Stores To Check Out When You’re Sick Of Ralphs guide image
22 Grocery Stores To Check Out When You’re Sick Of Ralphs

You’ll find banchan, moussaka, stockfish, and a whole lot more at these excellent LA grocery stores.

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