Fukagawa Soba & Udon

On the rare occasion we wake up at an “acceptable time” for breakfast, there’s only one choice for us: Fukugawa. It’s one of few places in the city where you’ll find the glorious, perfect meal known as the Japanese breakfast (and no, we’re not talking about Michelle Zauner’s indie rock band). Tucked away in a hidden corner of Gardena’s sprawling Pacific Square Garden shopping center, you’ll find this peaceful, 30-year-old restaurant filled with families, friends getting lunch, and twenty-somethings pondering whether or not they should get back on Accutane.

There are four versions of the breakfast tray, but go with set D. The hunk of broiled fish is hefty, and surprisingly smoky (watch out for the bones), the miso soup is properly creamy, there’s a side of rice, and even natto - sticky, fermented soybeans that you’ll either love or never want to see again.

Fukagawa Soba & Udon review image

photo credit: Set D, Andrea D'Agosto

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