With a name that your phone will relentlessly try to autocorrect, Fiish is a sushi bar in Culver City that serves respectable nigiri and has interesting menu concepts that help it stand out in a crowded market. There’s an 11-piece set called the Big Fiish that’s $58, making it the best bang for your buck and a good way to sample their dry-aged sashimi. The platter of beautiful nigiri comes topped with pickled onions, garlic ponzu, and dollops of aioli, but the actual fish is nothing noticeably different from the sushi served at some of our favorite (cheaper) spots like Sugarfish. We suggest coming to Fiish for the novelties: great vegan options like a silky miso eggplant nigiri and the low-ABV cocktails made with ponzu and actual wasabi. This isn't a revolutionary sushi bar, but it's a good pick for a light meal with cocktails or a fun dinner with plant-based friends.

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