Ernie's Mexican Restaurant

Ernie’s is a kitschy Mexican restaurant in North Hollywood that dates back to the 1950’s, and a place where people get fajitas and a margarita after an exhausting day at Universal Studios. Like something off a studio lot tour, Ernie’s feels like a Hollywood take on a Mexican hacienda with dark wooden accents and paper lanterns that create a moody and inexplicably relaxing atmosphere. Maybe it’s the comfy booths, dim lights, or delicious tamarind margaritas, but you’re left content enough to excuse the pretty mediocre food. 

Unfortunately, most things to eat at Ernie’s are underwhelming. The botana platter comes with mushy meatballs, flavorless frijoles, and soggy chicken flautas. Although we wouldn’t actively seek out Ernie’s for a meal, its location gives it a purpose: such as for a convenient family meal after a day of baking in the sun at Harry Potter World, or when you really need a tamarind margarita while 101 rush hour dies down.