East India Grill

Perfect For: Casual Weeknight Dinner Lunch Serious Take-Out Operation Vegetarians

We’ve all been there. You get home late from work, its 9:45pm, you’re hungry, and you have a salad in the fridge. Eat the salad. Go to bed. End of story. Right?

Not always.

Personal rules are meant to broken and life is meant to be lived on the edge. Your neighborhood ethnic food spot is here to provide.

And East India Grill is the purest definition of giving you what you want, when you need it. LA’s Indian food scene hovers slightly above underwhelming, but East India lives way above that grade. If curries and tandoories are your game, they are here to play ball. The tikki marsala, saag paneer, and all the other white person stand-bys are exactly as delicious as they should be. But delve deeper into the menu and this 26 year old establishment only gets better. And besides being efficient, pleasant, and affordable, their take-out operation (most importantly) is a well-oiled machine that should be taken advantage of as often as possible.

But yet with a killer lunch special and a great courtyard patio, don’t sleep on your daytime needs either. It’s easy to find and provides some parking in the back, so if you work in the area and need to spice up your life (Trademark: Spice Girls), look no further than East India Grill.

Do you need to drive across town to eat here? Probably not. But East India is a perfect neighborhood joint that knows what it is and does it immensely well. Heck, they’ll even know you by name after your first visit. COME AT US CHEERS.

Food Rundown

Chicken Tikka

Where would America be without this heavenly, tomato-y dish? Many places do this all-time favorite dish justice and East India is no exception. It’s creamier than other masalas in town and that is in no way a complaint.

Saag Paneer

No one will ever complain about cubes of cheese. And when mixed in with a perfectly pureed spinach base, its near perfect.

Lamb Vindaloo

If you tell them spicy on this one, East India will give you what you want. Hot tip: Lamb is ALWAYS the way to go with Vindaloo.


The unsung hero of American-Indian cuisine. Often overlooked by its Tikka brother, Korma’s saffron and cashew based cream sauce is incredibly well done at East India. It won’t be the first thing you order, but hopefully its the second.

Garlic Naan

Don’t act like you aren’t getting three orders. We see you. East India’s naan is thick, chewy and the ideal break-up between these killer flavors.


This curried vindaloo rice is one of our favorite surprises on the menu. Savory, hearty, and best served directly on your face.

Mango Ribs

Talk about a power lunch move. Order these sweet and salty babies in front of the office and you will have supreme respect. (Or at least ours).

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