Dong Il Jang is permanently closed

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Dong Il Jang

Korean in Koreatown

    Perfect for
  • Big Groups
  • Impressing Out of Towners
  • Late Night Eats

Dong Il Jang has been serving table-cooked ribeye on 8th Street for nearly 40 years, and you know it the second you walk in. All the servers wear the same brown dresses with big white collars and aprons, and they cook bright red, marbled wagyu ribeye right at your booth. The meat is especially tasty after dipping it in the sesame oil and salt. At the start of your meal, you get 12 kinds of banchan (ask for refills on nine of them, especially the cold green onion pancake), and after you finish the meat, they’ll use the leftover juice to cook excellent kimchi fried rice. Dong Il Jang is filling and fun, a fantastic place for an anniversary dinner, date night, or a meal with the entire LA Rams offensive line.

Dong Il Jang review image

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