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Located right off Wilshire in Ktown, this former gallery space was taken over by Document co-owners and life partners Sojung Kwon and Byoungok Koh, which is also where they first met. With backgrounds in art, they initially imagined it would be a studio, but needed a source of income so they started to study coffee. They spent a year learning about third-wave coffee and going to Seoul to attend a coffee expo and bring in some of the influences of Seoul’s vibrant coffee culture to their business, which opened in August 2014. At the time, the coffee scene in Koreatown was simpler and more focused on dark roasts, but Kwon and Koh wanted to bring a specialty coffee experience with lighter roasts, and use the space to bring artists and the community together. The past year has given Kwon newfound appreciation for socializing with the community, even if it’s just for a few minutes with customers buying coffee, and she looks forward to holding events once again and bringing people back together through art and coffee.

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