According to our sources (i.e. this bakery’s website), Delicias Bakery And Some was LA’s first panadería to offer vegan-friendly options to plant-based pan dulce fans. More importantly, this Highland Park operation has managed to successfully substitute the butter and other animal products in several of these traditional recipes without compromising on taste or texture. Their vegan conchas are big, soft pillows and super moist on the inside once you take a bite. We’re also huge fans of their vegan tres leches cake that is just as rich and delicious as its dairy-heavy counterpart while absorbing everything even better due to its spongier texture. These two sweets really only scratch the surface of what Delicia Bakery can do, with their vegan coconut flan and “meaty” milanesa tortas changing our perception of how good plant-based Mexican food can actually be.

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The Best Panaderías And Pan Dulce Shops in LA

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