Da Lat Rose is a modern Vietnamese tasting-menu spot on the second floor of the legendary Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills. While the overall meal is certainly more interesting than what you’ll find downstairs, one holdover is the price point. This is an extremely expensive experience, one where meals start at $250 per person, and that number only goes up when you account for drinks and tip. But if you find yourself with that kind of cash lying around, the overall experience here is interesting enough to check out. Most of the dishes are tremendous (the crab and caviar is a standout) and each course is accompanied by a story from Chef Helene An’s life that, while at times long-winded, brings context to what you’re eating and why it’s being served. If you’re looking for a unique BH dinner experience where price point isn’t an issue, put Da Lat Rose to the top of your list.

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