Now with a second location in Artesia, this popular hot chicken spot claims that the secret to their delicious hot chicken is their signature rub of over 30 spices. This complex mixture then gets smothered on the chicken a whole 24 hours before frying for a big burst of flavor in every bite. The final result is a juicy boneless chicken breast with flakey skin and that Nashville kick that slowly creeps up on you. But that’s where the ties to tradition are cut short. Crimson Coward’s chicken breasts are on the thinner side and jut out from the sandwiches’ buns. Their stacked Homestyle sandwich is a spicy take on the classic grilled cheese with toasted white bread, American cheese, juicy hot chicken, briney coleslaw, pickles, and Crimson sauce. Cheese and spicy chicken might seem like an odd combo at first, but the velvety melt adds some great creaminess to the crispy chicken. Also, when have has anyone ever passed on a grilled cheese? Never.

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