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"Rollin down the street, smokin Indo, sippin on Gin and Juice."

Oh Snoop, always one step ahead of the game. The 1993 classic introduced this timeless drink to a generation of lip-synching, slap-bracelet wearing teenagers. Fast forward now to 2015 and Roy Choi might be doing the same thing all over again at Commissary. More on that in a moment.

Built inside in an urban greenhouse (yeah that's a thing) on a second floor pool deck, Commissary was the second restaurant to open inside Koreatown's The Line Hotel. Where the first floor POT serves as Choi's ode to the neighborhood, Commissary is full of the kind of Cali-fresh food you see all over town. And the result? It’s good. Mind-blowing? Not particularly.

Commissary opens daily at 7am, serving as the hotel’s only true all-day cafe. The menu is concise but reads like a Dora The Explorer in-episode viewer quiz. One can locate such items as "eggs" or "steak" or even "carrot." The ensuing dishes are tasty, but overall don't exactly throw eaters any surprise punches. That we discovered is reserved entirely for the drink menu.

Gin and Juice. Nowhere in this restaurant does the “Cali-Fresh” mantra work better than in these delicious little beings. Choose from beet, carrot, watermelon, apple, or pineapple flavors and let the juice do the talking. This isn’t just the best gin and juice in the city, this is one of the best DRINKS in the city. Served in a wide, weird plastic cup better suited for a take-home portion of Tom Kha soup, it’s dutifully strong and uncanningly refreshing. Perhaps it’s the poolside locale or the fun K-Town vibe exuding through its pores, but spending an afternoon at the Commissary pool sipping on one of these babies is the true definition of a laid back inner-city oasis. And that’s definitely something worth taking advantage of in this town.

Food Rundown


Probably the most popular and talked-about item on the menu, the carrot is having its moment in the sun unlike any other. And now's your chance to get in on the action.


Any place with the balls to put "lettuce" as an individual menu item, sure better back it up with something great. Don't worry, Commissary does.

Deviled Eggs

A solid addition into one of food’s "tough to f*ck up" categories.


Well-constructed and perfectly cooked. Well done, Commissary.

French Dip

In a city with not one, but two restaurants claiming to be the founders of the sandwich itself, it's a bold move. While not a home run, it's a solid choice on the menu for sure.


Another strangely placed item on the menu, but comes away with a little more success than the French Dip experiment.


Cooked in a green curry, the eggplant sticks out on the menu among the other veggies. Get it on your table.


Aside from the carrot, the steak takes claim as king of the menu and you definitely shouldn’t leave Commissary without ordering it.

Gin And Juice

Take our word and Snoop’s. This is simply not to be missed.

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