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Cofax Coffee

Bakery/Cafe in Fairfax


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Sometimes simpler is simply better. Or perhaps that’s just the motto over at Cofax Coffee, a tiny coffee shop in the middle of Fairfax Village. Opened in April 2014, Cofax was established under the premise of bringing solid, quality coffee to a part of town that oddly needed it at the time. And don’t get us wrong, Cofax’s coffee is very good, but that’s also not why you’re waiting in line at 9am on a hazy Sunday morning.

You’re there for one thing: the breakfast burrito. Though Cofax has slowly expanded its menu over the years to include everything from a breakfast sandwich to milk and granola, at the end of the day, this tiny shop remains one of the most popular - and superior - places to get a breakfast burrito in LA.

A simple anatomical evaluation will tell you it’s the crispy, slow-cooked potatoes stuffed inside (which come from nearby Bludso’s BBQ, by the way) that give Cofax’s version it’s most unique quality. And though they now offer delicious vegetarian, bacon, pastrami, and hot link options, the original chorizo-filled version is still our favorite. It’s smoky, spicy, and savory - indulgent without feeling unreasonable. We’re never ones to pass up a breakfast burrito that puts us back on our couch for a few hours, but the fact that you can easily go about your day after a Cofax burrito is appreciated. Both by us and the friends we told we’d meet up with later.

Food Rundown

Chorizo Burrito

In a city that takes its breakfast burritos almost too seriously, this remains one of the elite versions in LA. It’s hearty and satisfying, while still being reasonably light at the same time. The spicy-smokiness of the chorizo mixed with fluffy eggs and crispy potatoes is the exact combination we need after stumbling out of the Kibitz Room across the street earlier that morning. version.

Cofax Coffee review image

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