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Located mere blocks from the original Catch, Catch Steak is a meat-centric spinoff that follows the exact same template as its predecessor: build a tacky, semi-exclusive space with generic food that tastes good, and the rich will follow. On any given night, you’ll see Tiffany-blue Teslas and camo-printed Rolls-Royces parked out front along La Cienega. Inside, things get even wilder. The ballroom-esque space is filled with belligerent studio execs eating $250 tomahawk steaks and dudes in Armani suits refusing to take off their sunglasses even though it’s 9:45pm. Espresso martinis are guzzled like water. You’ll eat a crispy, well-dressed caesar and be pleased with whatever cut of prime/dry-aged/wagyu beef lands on your table, but that’s not the point. A night at Catch Steak is about the extravagance unfolding around you, so keep your head up and your eyes peeled—the show goes all night. 

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