Culver City’s Cantinho Brasileiro has been preserving the Brazilian community’s love for salgados (savory snacks stuffed with meat, vegetables, or cheese) since opening its kitchen in 2012. The small window is located in the back corner of El Camaguey Meat Market on Venice Blvd, and while their menu is relatively short, it’s filled with familiar favorites from Brazilian luncheonettes - like the coxinha with catupiry. This savory choux dough dumpling is stuffed with creamy catupiry cheese and shredded chicken before being breaded, fried, and enjoyed with hot sauce and a cold beverage. The dough effortlessly pulls apart and contrasts nicely with the shredded chicken inside. Canthino Brasileiro also sells the beloved kibe, a Brazilian take on the Lebanese kibbeh. These beef and bulgur wheat croquettes are perfectly crispy on the outside and satisfyingly dense on the inside, making them a great choice for an afternoon snack. In fact, the peckish moments in between meals are when salgados shine the brightest, so pick up a box or two of frozen pre-made bites the next time you stop by.

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