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Cafecito Organico Atwater Village


One of the Eastside’s greatest - and most sustainable - coffee roasters, Cafecito Organico has a small operation in Atwater Village. Unlike their Silver Lake outpost, which is known for its brightly colored building and huge outdoor patio, this location is a little more muted, with plain white walls and much less surface area, like a quiet younger sibling who grew up in their older sibling’s shadow. That’s not a bad thing though, you’ll still find their signature micro-roasted beans sourced directly from Central American farms, which makes for coffee that tastes smooth and silky, plus a peaceful patio on the sidewalk. Come here to read a book, bask in the sun, or tweet, delete, and repeat.

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Where To Eat & Drink In Atwater Village

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Where To Eat & Drink In Atwater Village guide image
Where To Eat & Drink In Atwater Village

The best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and ice cream in Atwater Village.

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