The original branch of this Korean-Italian fusion spot is in Buena Park, a miniature Ktown where, as of the 2020 Census, 21.7% of the population is Korean. Kimchi pasta, like their kimchi carbonara ddukbokki pasta - and Korean-style pasta in general, have been a huge thing in Korea for a long time, where folks aren’t afraid to do unspeakable things to traditional bolognese and puttanesca. There’s no reverence here, where a Korean thin-crust pizza comes bearing gifts of spicy pork, caramelized kimchi, and jalapeños. Plus, you’re given free chips and salsa as soon as you walk in, which might make you think you’ve arrived at the wrong restaurant, but I’m still a fan. If you’re especially hungry, order the deep-fried stuffed squid, which I like to think of as the turducken of the sea, since it’s packed with vermicelli, veggies, and tofu.

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