Made with handmade Zacatecas-style flour tortillas, the tightly wrapped burritos at Las Palmas in Boyle Heights are small pockets made with perfectly chewy tortillas that hold nothing except tender beef birria dripping in smokey consommé. That’s right, there’s no guac, cheese, or lettuce to be found in these burritos, and that’s 100% OK. The birria is flavorful enough to stand on its own and pairs well with the buttery tortilla. Keep in mind that these burritos are small, so don’t expect the forearm-sized monsters you might be used to seeing elsewhere. Instead, order as many as you want, which is usually one to two more than we probably should have.

Food Rundown

Birria Burrito

La Palma’s buttery flour tortillas are the perfect vessels for eating as much spicy, juicy beef birria as you can possibly consume in one sitting. Not only can they hold in all of the meat’s saucy drippings, but they’re also just the right balance between soft and chewy.

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Platillo Especial

This plate takes La Palma’s already excellent birria burritos to a whole other level with its tangy salsa verde. The richness of the birria is complemented by the salsa’s acidic tomatillo flavor, and the melted cheese on top is really just there to make everything even creamier and more decadent, which we fully support.

Frijoles y Queso Burrito

This bean and cheese burrito is super flavorful, but it’s really just a soft flour tortilla with a mushy (but delicious) filling. You really can’t go wrong with this option, but it definitely lacks the interesting and smoky flavors of the birria burrito. Our suggestion: mix and match because... why not?

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