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B.S. Taqueria


514 W 7th St, Los Angeles
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I’m not a parent, but if I was, I would pray for a golden child. You know the kind I’m talking about. A perfectly siphoned-off collaboration of you and your significant other’s best qualities presented in human form. They’d be smart and shockingly athletic, but wouldn’t be an asshole about it. They’d have an ear for music, a personal design aesthetic by 4th grade, and will someday be gay. The golden child. I’d equally love my other kids, of course. But life is a numbers game, and you might as well hope all your good juice goes to one place.

We make no attempt in hiding our love for Broken Spanish. The high-end Mexican restaurant in downtown is still one of our favorite meals, and that’s not changing anytime soon. You did it people of Broken Spanish. You pooled your best stuff together and delivered us your golden child. Retire in Scottsdale in peace.

Not so fast. Because right as Broken Spanish had us in a tamale trance, a second child was already doing its own golden thing.

B.S. Taqueria review image

photo credit: Holly Liss

Owned by the same people, BS Taqueria opened before Broken Spanish as the casual, all-day concept before the main event. But we’re telling you right now, it’s as good (if not better) than it’s brother. The BS space is bright and flexible, with a vibe that’s as fun as it is relaxed - a nice break from the more upscale, swing-for-the-fences feeling at Broken Spanish. It’s an order-at-the-counter situation during lunch, but goes full service at night. They offer take-out if you’re pressed for time and excellent cocktails if you want to sit and stay awhile. And trust us, you will. Either with friends after work, on an early-in-the-game date, or by yourself simply because you like it here.

The food is of the party/finger food variety, and it’s outstanding. The chicken chicharrones are a dangerous brand of addicting and come in a paper bag ideal for sneaking back to work under your shirt. The clams and lardo taco is a must, but there isn’t one taco we wouldn’t recommend. And those churros? You’re officially on notice, Disneyland.

It’s not wrong to think of BS Taqueria as a complement to Broken Spanish, but it’s also not right. Because BS is it’s own little masterpiece, in no need of it’s brother. And to the people behind Broken Spanish we ask, just how much good juice are you hiding back there?

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Food Rundown

B.S. Taqueria review image

Clams and Lardo Tacos

This thing might be more hyped than BS Taqueria itself, but we’re here to tell you it’s legitimate. And also, that there’s plenty of other things on the menu as equally interesting and delicious. So, leave some room. There’s a lot of ground to cover at B.S. (Dinner menu only).

B.S. Taqueria review image

Lemon-Pepper Chicken Chicharrones

Pure addiction fuel. Delivered in tiny paper bag with shishito peppers, it’s savory and crunchy and better than any room temperature bowl of chips and salsa you’d get served anywhere else.

B.S. Taqueria review image

Cauliflower Al Pastor

This won’t jump out at you, but you need to order it whether you’re vegetarian or not. The cauliflower is perfectly charred and has a serious kick to it. But the difference for us is the pineapple at the bottom. This is very, very, very good.

B.S. Taqueria review image

Chorizo and Papas Taco

What were we saying about not losing your mind too much over that clam taco? Oh yeah, don’t. This taco might not be as adventurous, but easily just as memorable. We could eat this beautiful thing everyday of the week if we could. And we might.

B.S. Taqueria review image

Beet Torta

Vegetarian alert #2: your lunchtime sandwich has arrived. The beets on here are actually fried and then stuffed between two pieces of bread with a bunch of other pickled vegetables. It’s sounds pretty dull, but good Lord is it good.

B.S. Taqueria review image


We don’t take this statement lightly and neither should you - these are the best churros we’ve ever had. They’re light and cinnamon-y perfection. If we had to chose one lingering taste in our mouth when we died, it might be this.

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