Brothers Cousins Tacos

Conveniently located at the corner of National and Sawtelle just off the 405, Brothers Cousins is the late-night taco kingpin of the Westside. Lines begin to form around  6pm for the main attraction, a wide, bubbling pan of tender meats that have been braised into absolute submission. Choose your cut of choice—asada, carnitas, chorizo, lengua, suadero, among others—and the taquero plucks the meat from the pan and chops it to order, scooping it into a warm tortilla in one swift motion. They’ll usually have some soft, fat-cooked potatoes and carmelized onions to help yourself to as well, and the salsa station is always well-stocked and pristine. We’re not exactly sure who is a brother and who is a cousin in this taco family, but we sure would like an invite to the next reunion.

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photo credit: Matt Gendal

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