Parked in a little plaza on Las Tunas with a few other restaurants and a rolled ice cream spot, this popular KFC chain usually has a short but consistent line outside. The style is the Korean fried chicken you know - lightly-battered, twice-fried - but the soy garlic is less gloopy than at other places that go too liberal with the sauce. Whether you dig that is up to you, but whatever you do, don’t neglect the spicy chicken. The lunch box special contains wings, drumsticks, or strips, plus a choice of two sides including soda, danmuji pickled radish, steamed rice, coleslaw, or kimchi, and will only set you back $9-$11. For the anti-KFC, there’s a decent tteokbokki, tasty japchae, and fiery buldak (stir-fried spicy chicken with rice cakes and mozz).

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