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Blossom - Atwater Village review image

Blossom - Atwater Village

With four locations throughout the city (they also have storefronts in Chinatown, Downtown LA, and Santa Monica), Blossom is a certified mini-chain. And it feels like it - the self-described “Vietnamese noodle shop of sorts” has a sleek, uniform look, with minimalist decor and stark white walls. The main event here is their phở, big, steaming bowls of the rice noodle soup topped with shrimp, beef balls, or hefty portions of rare steak. Is it the best phở in the world? Certainly not. But it’s a great addition to the neighborhood and exactly where you should be on a cold Los Angeles day (70 degrees or below).

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Where To Eat & Drink In Atwater Village

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Where To Eat & Drink In Atwater Village guide image
Where To Eat & Drink In Atwater Village

The best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and ice cream in Atwater Village.

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