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Birrieria Gonzalez

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Birrieria Gonzalez is a family-run truck specializing in goat birria, and while they have multiple locations around town, we like the South Central one simply because there’s a shaded patio with a flat-screen TV playing soccer matches. The birria itself is incredible here (it’s the only kind of meat they serve), so you can’t really go wrong with anything, but if you’re on a taco crawl and trying to conserve room, get the quesataco. It’s similar to their regular tacos, but with a layer of crispy griddled cheese lining the inside that takes the birria to a completely different level. Just be sure to top it all off with their spicy house red salsa.

Food Rundown

Birria Quesataco

These quesatacos are just the level of crispy that we’re looking for, and for that, we are forever grateful to this place. The cheese is perfectly browned on the top layer but still white and gooey as it clings to the consommé-dipped tortilla. The beef birria is also super flavorful, with the spicy consommé still dripping off the shredded meat.

Birria Taco Dorado

The consommé is really what makes these tacos dorados so damn tasty. Without being too oily, the dunked tortillas come out nicely crisp and full of that dried chile flavor we can’t get enough of. The tender beef and crackly tortillas create a great contrast in texture, with the meat’s fatty bits bringing some extra richness to the taco.

Consommé Con Birria

Eating birria this way makes you really appreciate all the textures and warm flavors of the slow-cooked beef. The meat is soft enough to cut with a plastic spoon and it’s smoky, savory, and just hot enough to make you break a minor sweat.

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