Birria tatemada (roasted goat birria) is a Jalisco tradition that’s hard to come by outside of Guadalajara and its surrounding towns. However, the Ramirez family brought this cooking method to LA’s eastside with their weekend and cash-only operation. Come bright and early at 8am on Saturday mornings for freshly chopped goat meat that is steaming hot with a crispy bark exterior.

Located at Olympic Blvd. and Spence St., El Jalisciense has a two-stage cooking process that’s responsible for its birria’s silky smooth meat and wonderfully charred skin. The consommé here is also more tomato-heavy, which is typical of the region, and you can enjoy it with either fresh tortillas or as a taco dorado. I love this spot because it’s birria in its truest form: enjoyed outside in the early morning with the smell of roasted meat giving half-asleep birria fans an excuse to be up at such an ungodly hour. They only stay open until they run out, so come get it while it’s hot.

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Tacos Dorados

These crispy tacos are so simple, so wildly delicious, and so 100% worth waking up at 7am for. The gently fried corn tortillas and charred bits of goat birria add a ton of texture to each bite, and the tomatoey broth that gets ladled on top provides just the right amount of heat and moisture to form the perfect bite.

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Birria Tatemada

The combination of oven-roasting and steaming leaves you with fall-off-the-bone tender goat meat with some deliciously smoky bark on the outside. The thin consommé helps turn everything into a rich, spicy, and tomato-flavored stew that’s perfect for scooping up with warm tortillas.

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