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BierBeisl Imbiss

This Restaurant is Permanently Closed
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As a child of the suburbs, you were always quite aware of that one friend’s house further away than the others. Not because you had to ask your parents permission to drive 20 minutes into the boonies, but because without question that house was always THE BEST GODDAMN HOUSE EVER.

In-ground pool? Check. Indiana Jones pinball machine? Check. Tricked-out basement with a mom who stayed upstairs clutching her chardonnay? Double check. This house was the sh*t and everybody knew it. And no amount of driving or parental begging would deter you and the squad from living out your weekend goals.

Cut to present day and the new Spring Arcade location of BierBeisl Imbiss, the Austrian bakery out of Beverly Hills. If the words Spring Arcade mean nothing to you, you are like the rest of us. This revamped shopping mall in the heart of downtown hasn’t exactly caught fire yet, but that’s not to say it isn’t cool or attracting other tenants (we see you Guisados). It’s just that the location is a complete pain in the ass to get to and absolutely no one is here yet.

But that shouldn’t stop you. Something very special is happening at BierBeisl, and the traffic, parking, and overall confusion it takes to get here is worth it. The food at this order-at-the-counter bakery is not just good, it’s outstanding. The bread is baked in-house every day (there’s a cool window where you can watch them make it!) and those sausages might be the best in LA. “Imbiss” literally means snack in Austrian, and by serving on-the-go street food in a laid back, casual environment, BierBeisl is simply a great place to hang out. Come in for a quick schnitzel on your lunch hour or grab a bratwurst and beer with friends at happy hour. It doesn’t matter. This space is welcoming, Bavarian flags and all.

But no one’s here.

Except you. Right now. Drop your things and go. It didn’t matter when you were 16 and wanted to play air hockey and rip Bacardi shots with Brandon, and it doesn’t matter now. Great things are always worth the hassle.

Food Rundown


When a sausage is the must-order item at place as fantastic as BierBeisl, you have to assume it's otherwordly. And it is. This pork and beef-stuffed guy is infused with swiss cheese that literally gushes out when you cut into it. Glory be. Grab one of these and a side dish for a $7 combo during lunch.


If this sausage was on any other menu, it would be the headliner. Yet even with the stiff competition at BierBeisl, this spicy, cayenne-infused link remains one of our favorites. And don’t worry about having to decide which one to choose. For $14, you can get three different sausages and one side anytime of day.

Potato Salad

BierBeisl did a fantastic job of concocting its menu to make sure you’re eating as much of it as possible. And when prompted to choose a side, your absolute answer is their potato salad. This Austrian version is bold and flat-out addicting.

Leberkas Semmerl

Nothing about a baked veal loaf sounds remotely appetizing, but eat with your mouth not your eyes, people. Because this sandwich is phenomenal and light and the perfect midday bite to keep you going.

Hungarian Andouille

Completing the trifecta of must-order sausages, the andouille has a bit more of a bite than the other two, and it works well.

Pork Schnitzel Sandwich

The Big Mac of Central Europe is done well at BierBeisl. There are better versions around town, but it’s still worth ordering. You can either get it as a plate or on a sandwich, but with pretzel bread this good, why would you ever turn that down?

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